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Secrets/ Tips To Kill Butcher In Diablo 3

How to kill butcher in diablo 3 ? Whether level 13 or 15 in diablo 3, there is a chance you will get caught in the fires and die. By being pressed into a corner or if he pull you towards him and all the tiles nearby are on fire. Best is to try and stay in the middle, on the upper half where the health wells are. If you die it will likely be somewhere on the bottom of the screen. Here let's see the secrets/ tips to kill butcher in diablo 3.

To finish things off, in a thread on MMO-Champion we see player Maplesyrup posting about his Barbarian speed kill. He claimed 55k diablo 3 gold damage with no cooldowns and 165k damage with cooldowns. This sensible fellow also posted the build used for his kill, which he claims is only useful in this situation.

All he did was own the Normal butcher (only blues dropped, which adds to the fact it is) - He would have been believable if he started filming from the footage from the menu screen - visibly showing us it was Inferno Difficulty - then worked his way through the level to get to the boss.

Just to put this in perspective guys: because of how the demon hunters passive works athene has over 300,000 dps for the first second of attacks. Combine this with the fact that nether tentacles can hit butcher 4+ times per shot and athene can get 2-3 a second.

What would impress the hell out of me is for someone to finish inferno on hardcore and then deliberately let that character die. Of course doing it with donated gear would make it slightly less impressive.

We saved the best for last secrets /tips to kill butcher in diablo 3. Athene, the guy who was the first level 60 in the game (see Diablo 3 First to Level 60), decided to blow the other Diablo 3 Inferno Butcher speed kills by doing it in 3 seconds with his eyes closed! More information about diablo 3 news or buy cheap diablo 3 gold guide,you can check out at .

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