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Will You Get Banned For Buying Diablo 3 Gold ?

Will you get banned for buying diablo 3 gold ? After the release of diablo 3 on May 15th,whether buy d3 gold will get account banned is an arguable issue. Some players say buying d3 gold will easily get banned.The others say buying gold will not get you banned. If you're caught, you'll be suspended. People saying it's an insta ban are dead wrong. It is VERY hard to get your account banned if you know the right ways.In this article, list many three customers who have ever brought diablo 3 gold. After reading it,you can decide wheter to buy diablo 3 gold or not.

Blizzard is against players selling gold to each other and have the right to ban your account if they suspect gold trading. To do this, Blizzard has a team of employees who monitor the games economy. If they see that one player suddenly has a huge influx of gold, then they are likely to ban that account. But not everytime purchase from online supplier will be forbidded by official.

There is no such thing as buying diablo 3gold with 100% safety, however, you can get away with it without being banned.

There have been so much websites offering diablo gold if you search online, however, not all of them are safe place to buy gold. There have been an equal number of sites that made a lot of promises, but do not deliver fast or even getting your accounts banned. You need to do without getting your account banned is to see if they offer multiple options of payment. Most companies that process payments will terminate their service to websites that get too many complaints. Using PayPal is normally a safe option and good way of telling if a diablo3 gold website is a good place to buy. This is because PayPal is very strict about customer complaints and is very good about refunding money.

Now you know that blizzard is really serious in their statement that transactions of in game content involving real money is strictly forbidden in the game. Thus, when blizzard has enough evidence and reason they can easily implement any of the possible consequences mentioned above.

In fact,you won't get banned for buying d3 gold if you know some tips and choose are reliable store to buy gold. If you just buy small normal amounts of gold, it is highly unlikely that you'll get your account banned. Most of the time, it is only accounts that suddenly get countless of gold at once that get banned - so if you are a casual player, you don't need to worry about it.If you buy gold from a reliable seller such as PBT online , you won't get your account banned. 

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